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10 Laws Approved by the National Assembly of Vietnam

The 7th session of Legislature XII of the Vietnamese National Assembly (NA) concluded o­n June 19, 2010.

In this session, the NA approved:

  1. Law on the State Bank of Vietnam (amended);
  2. Law on Credit Institutions (amended);
  3. Law on Non-Agricultural Land Use Tax;
  4. Law on Postal Services;
  5. Law on Economical and Efficient Use of Energy;
  6. Law on Disabled People;
  7. Law on Adoption of Children;
  8. Law on Enforcement of Criminal Verdicts;
  9. Law on Commercial Arbitration; and
  10. Law on Food Security.

Also during this session, the NA examined amendments to the Law on Inspection, the Minerals Law and the Land Law and gave opinion on the four following new laws:

  1. Law on Consumer Protection;
  2. Law on Environment Protection Tax;
  3. Law on Administrative Procedure; and

Law on Public Officials.