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The Logo & Slogan

Our logo, the “wheel of law” represents the incessant development of the firm within the rotation of the wheel with our business philosophy being to maintain the highest international technical and professional standards whilst providing the clients with practical advices that add value to their business.

The wheel is designed in three separate parts representing our three main practice areas including intellectual property, investment consulting and legal practice in all aspects of business laws. Each part in two different colors in which the blue reflects clients’ trust in D&N International and the yellow symbolizes our intellect, creativity and success. The hub of the wheel, which is the crucial part to the operation of the wheel, represents our human resources.

The “wheel of law” can function well o­nly if there is a close working relationship between clients and D&N International’s attorneys. For a decade over, D&N International has been serving clients with legal service of excellence, inspired by the belief that clients’ success is our success.

Our slogan titled “Driving for Transparency” embodies aspiration and immense endeavor of our firm in orientation and navigation toward the transparency. Since the commencement of operation, D&N International has been positioning itself as a good corporate citizen to create, build and sustain a transparent means of working with clients, collecting data and arguments, handling cases, settling procedures, easing cumbersome paperwork, lobbying governmental agencies for gaining effective, accurate and timely results.

The world is driving fast toward universal expectations of transparency and Vietnam is not an exception.D&N International has therefore fully devoted itself to steadfastly following the policy of transparency and clarity to bring full satisfactions to its clients in wake of spurring the country.