Circular No. 08/2016/TT-BVHTTDL: Promulgating new copyright registration forms

adminquantri - October 17, 2016

On July 2, 2016, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued Circular No. 08/2016/TT-BVHTTDL (« Circular 08/2016”) promulgating copyright/related rights registration forms. This Circular takes effect as of August 15, 2016 replacing Decision No. 88/2006/QD-BVHTT dated October 17, 2006 issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information. Copyright/related rights registration certificates which have been issued by using forms under the old Decision No. 88/2006/QD-BVHTT shall remain in effect.


Circular 08/2016 is enclosed with 04 forms, namely: (i) Application Form for Registration of Copyright (Form 01); (ii) Application Form for Registration of Related rights (Form 02); (iii) Copyright Registration Certificate (Form 03); and (iv) Related Rights Registration Certificate (Form 04).


These new forms have some additional contents in comparison with the previous ones, namely:

  • Guidelines for filling Application Forms are inserted therein.
  • Supplementing information on author, copyright owner and the original work from which the derivative work is created; information on work/recording subject to related rights used in performances, sound recordings, video recordings; broadcasting programs (if any).
  • Supplementing information on date of completion of work. The date of completion of work serves as basis for calculating the term of copyright protection where applicable.
  • Supplementing information on Copyright/Related Rights Registration Certificates which have been granted, if their owners wish to obtain re-issuance thereof.


According to Circular 08/2016, in case of application for re-issuance of Copyright/Related Rights Registration Certificate, the applicant must use Form 01 and Form 02, as for new registration.