DNI’s letter in the light of the rapidly evolving situation in relation to Covid-19

adminquantri - April 14, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

We are writing to you in the light of the rapidly evolving situation in relation to Covid-19 in many countries all over the world, including Vietnam.

As such, recently, the Vietnamese Government has rendered an urgent order requesting all residents to comply with social distancing since April 01, 2020 and refrain from going outside except for getting basic necessities.

In relation to works handled in the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (“the VIPO”), we would like to notify you as follows:

  1. The VIPO will not receive any hand-over filing documents during this period, they still accept to receive documents submitted through post/courier services and/or new applications submitted through e-filing system. However, as the e-filing system has not been consolidated, it might take around 3 – 5 days from the actual filing date to receive the application numbers and confirmation of filing dates.
  2. In addition, all deadlines falling within the duration from March 30, 2020 to the end of April 30, 2020 in relation to the time limit of procedures for establishing the rights of industrial property objects (claiming priority right, supplementing documents, responding to decisions / official actions of the VIPO, attending to annuity, renewing the validity of IPRs certificates, paying fees, charges, and filing complaints/appeals) will be automatically extended to the end of May 30, 2020.
  3. In other cases, if the applicants are still affected by the Covid-19 epidemic to the extent that they cannot duly and timely perform their rights and obligations in the procedures for establishing the rights of industrial property objects at the VIPO, the applicants have the right to request the application of the provisions of Objective Obstacles or Force Majeure.
  4. In that duration, our office will work from home and take all necessary methods to continuously provide you with our services as well as to ensure that no deadline will be missed. We are still capable of filing new applications by e-filing system, however, the process counting from receiving your instruction to filing the same with the VIPO shall take a few days. Your patience and understanding in these circumstances would be much appreciated.

Meanwhile, we would appreciate it if you could advise us timely in advance in case of any urgent cases to be handled or any deadlines to be met during this period.

We thank you so much and look forward to your continued patronage.

Best regards,

Dang Hong Thuy (Ms)

Managing Partner