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The National Assembly approved 12 laws & 12 resolutions

The 3rd plenary session of Legislature XIV of the Vietnamese National Assembly (NA) concluded o­n June 21, 2017. In this session, the NA approved 12 laws including:

  1. Law on Support for Small-and Medium-sized Enterprises;
  2. Law on Foreign Trade Management;
  3. Law on Tourism;
  4. Law on Legal Assistance;
  5. Penal Code (Revised);
  6. Law on Management and Use of State Property;
  7. Law on Railway;
  8. Law on Technology Transfer;
  9. Law on Irrigation;
  10. Law on State Compensation Liability;
  11. Law on Guard;
  12. Law on Management and Use of Weapons, Explosives and Supporting Tools.

In addition, the NA also approved 12 resolutions and gave their opinions on 6 other draft laws.