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The Vietnamese National Assembly approved 11 laws

The 13th session of Legislature XIII of the Vietnamese National Assembly (NA) concluded o­n June 26, 2015. In this session, the NA approved:

  1. Law on Government Organization (amended);
  2. Law on Local Government Organization;
  3. Law on the Vietnam Fatherland Front (amended);
  4. Law on Election of National Assembly Deputies and Local People’s Council Members;
  5. Law on State Budget (amended);
  6. Law on State Audit (amended);
  7. Law on Promulgating Normative Legal Documents;
  8. Law on Military Service (amended);
  9. Law on Natural Resources, Marine and Island Environments;
  10. Law on Veterinary; and
  11. Law on Labour Safety and Hygiene.

In addition, the NA also adopted 9 resolutions and discussed 15 other important draft laws.